About CA Store

Controlled Atmosphere Storage Solutions in Pakistan

What is CA Storage?

CA storage modifies the entire atmosphere of the storage room according to the fruit requirements i.e., O2, CO2, ethylene levels, humidity, temperature, etc. Because of technology advancements and logistic strategies, the controlled atmosphere storage of perishable items has become an important stage in the distribution between manufacturers/processors and retail locations.

The CA storage ensures the increased availability and improved quality of high-value perishable fruits and vegetables for both export and local sale, which would otherwise perish or deteriorate.


Why Controlled Atmosphere Storage is Superior to Traditional Cold Storage

CA Storage
Cold Storage
Controls Temperature
Puts Ripening On-Hold
Halts Ethylene Production
Modified Room Atmosphere
Longer Shelf Life
Maintains Taste, Texture & Colour
Avoids Chill Injuries & Frostbites
Inhibits Growth of Pathogens
Free From Food & Chemical Additives
Preserves Nutritional Value
About The Technology

CA Store Technology

CA storage uses oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations of about 1% to 5% for each gas in most applications. Normal room air has an O2 concentration of about 21% and CO2 levels near 0.03%. Low O2 and high CO2 levels slow the ripening process, stop the development of some storage disorders such as scald in apples, and slows the growth of decay organisms.

All of these effects increase the storage life of fresh produce compared with conventional refrigerated stores. These facilities are recommended for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables like Apples, Pears, Kinnow, and Cabbage, etc. for up to 10 months.